What’s Evan McMullin up to these days?

Would it surprise you to learn that he’s moved on to a new venture? A new venture that sounds an awful lot like his previous ventures?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting A Call for American Renewal:

What is A Call for American Renewal, you ask? Well, according to their website:

We are concerned citizens—a group of national, state, and local leaders—calling for American renewal. The country is tired of division and political extremism. It’s time to restore a “common-sense coalition” in our political system, and we are committed to making that a reality.

The group’s founding signatories include such illustrious names as Anthony Scaramucci, George Conway, Heath Mayo, and Max Boot.

And Evan McMullin, of course:

Join them in renewing America!

That feeling when you’re still trying to cash in on a guy who’s no longer president in the name of decency while partnering up with people who wouldn’t know decency if it spit in your face.

Feel free to make a donation. Lord knows Evan can use the money.

It’s been quite a few years now … might want to get on that, Evan.