Liz Cheney was ousted from her position as House Republican Conference Chair this morning, thanks in no small part to her continued crusade against Donald Trump:

It’s not necessarily wrong to point out that, contra Donald Trump, the 2020 presidential election was not stolen. It’s also not wrong to point out that the January 6 riots at the Capitol were unequivocally bad.

But when it comes to priorities, it’s difficult to argue that Liz Cheney’s are the correct ones at this particular moment.

As Dana Loesch points out:

It’s been nearly four months since Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, and in that time, we’ve watched a lot happen, and pretty much none of it has been good. Whether or not you’re a Cheney fan, it’s difficult to defend her singular focus on Donald Trump while things are going to hell in a handbasket.

The continued efforts to delegitimize the 2020 election results deserve to be called out. But now just doesn’t seem like the optimal time to be doing that, not when there are far more timely, pressing issues facing Americans.