Late last month, Joe Biden’s very special climate envoy John Kerry explained that even though the Chinese government is engaged in the internment and systematic genocide of Uyghur Muslims — not to mention all the other horrible things they’re engaged in — it’s important to put our differences aside and work with them on an issue as important and pressing as climate change.

Apparently climate change just isn’t as critical an issue to China as John Kerry thought it was:

Kerry and anyone who, like him, was naïve and mind-numblingly stupid enough to believe that the Chinese government is even remotely serious about reducing their carbon footprint and pollution in general, should be publicly humiliated. That’s certainly what China is doing to climate crusaders right now.

China’s eating our lunch, while we’re … well, this is where we’re at:

Obviously there’s nothing inherently wrong with caring about our environment and wanting to consume responsibly. But expecting Americans to change the way they live so that China can continue to not abide by so-called “climate agreements” is a great strategy for pissing more Americans off and empowering China in the process.