We’d like to say we expected better from Politico, but we’d be lying to you.

That’s why we’re just going to say that this take on school reopenings is extremely on-brand:

Looks like we can add “reopening schools” to the List of Highly Problematic Things.


Holy horrible headline, Batman.

But a perfect headline for the hot garbage that follows it.

Here’s a taste:

New Education Department guidance pushes school administrators to understand why students of color might opt out of in-person learning. [Education Secretary Miguel] Cardona’s even been a regular visitor to local schools across the country, cheerleading the reopening effort alongside the presidents of the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association.

[AFT President Randi] Weingarten said her group is conducting polling, alongside the NAACP and LULAC civil rights organizations, to gauge the precise reasons behind minority families’ mistrust of returning to school. She’s also eyeing a broader outreach campaign.

“We’re going to make sure that the pandemic does not break the relationship between our schools and our communities,” she said. “And if that means going door to door and running a national campaign that says once we’ve gotten the safeguards to ensure safe in-school learning for staff and students, we’re going to make sure that parents know it.”

Ah, yes. Of course. It’s the Biden administration and teachers’ unions who have been “cheerleading the reopening effort.”

Probably the same people who teach that teachers’ unions want what’s best for kids.