Erin Ross is a science journalist, but her breadth of knowledge extends far beyond the scientific.

She also knows a lot about words and what words mean, and, as a member of the journalistic community, it’s incumbent upon her to share that knowledge with those of us who aren’t as tuned in as she is. Unfortunately, she decided to withhold her guidance when it comes to using the word “violence” before everyone was able to see it:

Wait! What did it say?

Fortunately for us, Jon Gabriel had the foresight to grab a screenshot:

Thank you, sir. Now all of us can point and laugh at that asininity along with you.

Take heart, Jon. She didn’t just block you; she locked her account.

That is a great screenshot! What a shame she won’t get to see it.


Regardless of her intentions, her tweet was bad, and she should feel bad.

Though if recent history is anything to go by, Erin may wind up getting the last laugh after all: