David Frum was on a bit of a tear this morning. About how stupid and anti-science Republican voters are, of course.

We can’t believe David admitted that Trump voters are fellow human beings. He’ll probably be getting some calls about that.

But we digress:

There’s lots more left, but that tweet seems like a good stopping point.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto endorses it, after all:

Figures a CNN hack would blindly endorse David Frum’s BS. And make no mistake: it’s BS.

Back when Donald Trump was predicting that there’d be a COVID19 vaccine by the end of last year, media were shaming him for cruelly getting people’s hopes up. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris was telling every American that she was wary of any vaccine developed during the Trump administration.

Democrats’ favorite expert on The Science™, Anthony Fauci, is still undermining vaccine confidence at every opportunity, insisting that even people who have been vaccinated should wear masks and avoid indoor gatherings indefinitely.

Are there anti-vaxxers on the Right? Absolutely. There are also people whose concern may even be warranted:

David Frum doesn’t have to agree with their decision. But if his argument against them rests on blatant lies, he has no leg to stand on.

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