President Joe Biden has yet to demonstrate that he can be tough on China.

But is it really fair of us to expect him to be tough when his enablers in the media are as soft as he is?

Hope Xi sees this, ABC News:


Wow, that Xi Jinping sounds really reasonable and diplomatic. Shame on us for not being more open to what he has to say. Thanks, ABC News (and AP, where the article was originally published), for bringing this to our attention.

What’s to be confused about? ABC News is willing to look the other way when it comes to the Chinese government’s endless list of sins and human rights violations.

ABC News has a job to do, and they’re committed to doing it as well as they can.

It’s like there’s a pipeline or something. Money flows in, propaganda flows out.

Rarely does one come across a relationship so symbiotic as the one between the ChiComs and the MSM. It’d be sweet, if it weren’t so egregiously awful.

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