Haven’t had time to tune into Fox News lately? That’s OK. Vox’s Aaron Rupar’s been keeping tabs on what they’re doing, and apparently, what they’re doing is not wall-to-wall coverage of GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz and the alleged sex scandal that’s currently plaguing hi:

48 hours? Can this be true? We’d better confirm it with Brian Stelter, who watches more Fox News than anyone we know:

Is Stelter referring to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Matt Gaetz on Wednesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (which airs at 8 p.m. eastern time?

Here it is again, by the way:

Now, we’re no CNN chief media correspondent, but we’re pretty sure that Carlson’s interview with Gaetz was a lot tougher than any of CNN’s softball interviews with another scandal-plagued politician. Or has Brian been too busy watching Fox News to have seen how CNN’s treated Andrew Cuomo?