Earlier today, CNN’s Brian Stelter drew attention to the fact that neither Fox News nor Fox Business had even mentioned Matt Gaetz in almost 48 hours. It was this tweet from Vox’s Aaron Rupar that prompted Stelter to investigate further:

Well, this will no doubt come as a huge shock to you, but it seems that Aaron Rupar is lying. Again.

See, unlike Aaron Rupar, Guy Benson hasn’t made a career out of deceiving people, willfully or otherwise. So if you’re not sure whose word to take on what Fox News is covering, take Benson’s:

Uh-oh, Aaron. Care to retract your tweet? Or would you prefer to just dig deeper?

As a matter of fact, Benson can clarify:

What? You’re not familiar with “spit McIntosh disgrace”?

Anyway, Aaron subsequently tweeted the clip Benson referred to:

But he hasn’t deleted his original incorrect tweet. Because, you know, he’s Aaron Rupar.

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