Yesterday, we told you about CNN’s spin on the border crisis. Here it is again:

We have no doubt whatsoever that we’re going to be seeing lots more of that from the media.

And apparently, according to Salon, we’ll have Republicans to blame for that:

Heather Digby Parton concludes:

The Republican party is now solely committed to politics via culture war, using media, state legislatures and the federal courts. And nothing gets their culture warriors’ juices flowing like racial unrest and immigration. Sure, rending their garments over Mr. Potatohead is lots of fun, but this is what goes directly into the right-wing lizard brain. They are the ones feeding this story which you can easily tell by such fatuous nonsense as the immigrant-hating extremist Stephen Miller declaring the Biden administration “morally monstrous.”

The media must cover the story, of course. But it doesn’t have to pull theatrical stunts as ABC did by sending its entire panel down to the border to absurdly seat them in front of the “wall” for its Sunday show. Neither does the Washington Post need to headline a big feature with the grossly provocative “‘No end in sight’: Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge” which ignores their own paper’s own reporting last fall about the surge already happening under the Trump administration. They should leave this sort of thing to Fox News, which knows how to make a profit at it.

The mainstream media can educate the public without ratcheting up the hysteria by calmly providing the historical context for this surge and all the ones that came before. If they fail to do this we’re going to see yet another surge of dangerous, right-wing anti-immigrant demagoguery injected into the mainstream of American politics at a moment when feelings are running very high and there is bloodlust in the air. They need to tone it down for the sake of the people who are going to pay the price if it gets out of hand.

So, basically, what Heather is saying is that media outlets who point out that the border crisis is maybe starting to look kind of crisis-like are just letting Republicans control the narrative.

Allllrighty then.

This … is Salon.