CNN’s Don Lemon enjoys making a professional ass of himself on national television, but in his spare time, he apparently devotes his energy to amateur religious scholarship.

Emphasis on the “amateur” part:

More from the Daily Wire:

Lemon prefaced that remark by asserting, “We also have to start being realistic about God and the Bible, and if you are a person of faith in this country — and we know America is built on faith and religious freedom — then we have to, I think, a good way of starting, is to present the true identity of Jesus, and that is as a black or a brown person rather than someone who looks like a white hippie from Sweden or Norway, and I think we should start with a true depiction of what Jesus looked like, and put that in your home. Either a black Jesus or a brown Jesus, because we know Jesus looked more like a Muslim or someone who was dark rather than someone who was blond, a blond-looking carpenter.”

Whoa. Whoa. Did you guys know this? Did you guys know that Jesus didn’t look like the child of Dolph Lundgren and Fabio?

This is brand-new information. We had always assumed that Jesus, a Middle Eastern Jew, looked like a white hippie from Sweden or Norway. We never even considered that he might have looked like a lot of his fellow Middle Eastern Jews.

As if it weren’t obnoxious and stupid enough that Don Lemon were insulting many Christians’ intelligence, he’s also insulting many people of other faiths.

Let’s just say that Don Lemon is lucky that God doesn’t judge people … otherwise, God might think Don Lemon is a complete idiot.

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