Lately, it seems like all the ACLU cares about is transgender issues.

But they’re about so much more than that. They’re also about racial justice.

Which apparently means … protecting the sanctity of the United States Postal Service?

Now, you might be asking yourself what the Post Office can do to close the racial wealth gap.

Well, it’s simple! Turn the post office into a banking entity:

Currently, the Postal Board of Governors is led by a majority of Trump-appointed members. But President Biden can nominate governors to fill the vacancies on the board pending Senate confirmation. It’s imperative that nominees are dedicated to restoring and expanding USPS’s capabilities for all our communities – including affordable financial services.

In both low- and high-income majority-Black communities, banks have created “banking deserts” – where traditional bank branches are 50 percent more likely to close than in white communities. Nearly 50 percent of Black Americans are unbanked or underbanked and many pay more than $2,500 in fees associated with subprime financial institutions. Over a lifetime, it can add up to as much as two years of annual income for the average Black family.

The USPS can meet this crisis by providing competitive, low-cost financial services to help advance economic equality – and President Biden and the Senate can help make it happen.

We need to save the Post Office so they can get into banking, because who knows better about sound financial practices than the United States Postal Service?



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