We need to circle back to something, everyone.

It’s time to circle back to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki being every bit the lying spin machine that Donald Trump’s press secretaries were accused of being.

Check out how she fielded a question on the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis that they refuse to characterize as a “border crisis”:

“We certainly do.”

You seem skeptical, Dr. Shanker.

As does CBS News digital White House reporter Kathryn Watson:

And there’s lots more where that came from, of course.

What does it say about Joe Biden and his administration if they genuinely believe that they’ve got a handle on the situation?

Let’s just say it doesn’t say anything good.

If this is what it looks like when the Biden administration is handling the situation, we shudder to think about what it looks like when it’s out of their control.



You will no doubt be shocked to know that Jen Psaki is blaming the Trump administration for the non-border-crisis border crisis that the Biden administration certainly has a handle on:

So cut Team Biden some slack, OK?

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