You’ve got to give the Lincoln Project credit for this much: no matter how many scandals surface, no matter how horrible things they’ve said and done, they never lose focus.

Like, even though Donald Trump is out of the White House, they’re still tirelessly (well, mostly tirelessly) to defeat him and his legacy of Trumpism.

And there’s no better way to win this war than by adopting the same kinds of Trumpian tactics they decried for years:

“Sleepy Joe” was mean. “Crooked Hillary”? Rude. “Sneaky Dianne Feinstein”? “Dicky Durbin”? Unconscionable.

But “Marjorie Traitor Greene”? Hilarious. Let’s get that trending! RT if you agree!

This is how you conserve conservatism, folks. This is how it’s done.

Are you suggesting that avoiding taking accountability for harboring a known sexual predator and fleecing people for millions of dollars is less important than seeing your hashtag trend on Twitter?

The Lincoln Project is very, very good at what they do. Which is … tweet a lot.

So yay for them.