Apparently CNN’s Jim Acosta recently spoke to the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in the USA, where he graciously shared some words of wisdom:


At the end of the conference, the AFC gave the floor to scholarship awardees to ask Acosta any questions. Awardee Sarah Peter from St. Lucia inquired about how to deal with hostile environments when interviewing and how to get a foot in the door as a journalist.

Regarding hostile environments, Acosta laughed seeing as how he’s been accustomed to dealing with difficult interview subjects. He said with brash, uncooperative interview participants, it’s best to bite your tongue and let the person talks and then hit them with a hard question because they may end up contradicting themselves.

Acosta also pointed out that it’s important to always wonder: how can I make this resonate with my audience? By asking yourself such a question, you are making sure you differentiate yourself. He told members when he first started in his career, he was answering phones and getting people their coffee – he mentioned that it’s crucial to be open to taking a very low-level job and understanding that it’s going to take a while to get to your goal position.

And the best part:

“Being grounded and being humble and thinking about where you came from and so on can get you pretty far in this business.” Said Acosta.

Take it from someone who knows!

How he didn’t burst into flames on the spot is anybody’s guess.