As we told you yesterday, after calling Fox News’ coverage of the ratcheted-up efforts to cancel Dr. Suess “deeply irresponsible”:

People pointed out that yesterday also marked exactly one year since Acosta had smugly dismissed Donald Trump’s optimism that a COVID19 vaccine would hit the market in less than a year:

Well, last year, Jim Acosta also tweeted about another prediction from then-President Donald Trump concerning the COVID19 vaccine:

Fast-forward to yesterday:

Donald Trump wasn’t right about everything, but it would appear that he was onto something when it came to COVID19 vaccine availability. Even if critics didn’t anticipate the vaccine as strongly as Trump did:

Now, despite the fact that Jim Acosta is nothing resembling an objective, professional journalist, we can be charitable and give him the benefit of the doubt and interpret his tweet as just reporting what Donald Trump said as opposed to being the usual smug Jim Acosta fare. But the two tweets @sunnyright highlights above are notable for their language with regard to COVID19 vaccine rollouts, depending on who’s currently in the White House.

With Biden, it’s “expects.” With Trump, it was “claims.” “Claims” has a far more negative connotation here.

And it’s an intentional choice. Talk about “deeply irresponsible” journalism.

Pretty slick, huh?