Last night, CNN’s Oliver Darcy was doing what he does best: watching Fox News. So, naturally, he was there for this shocking quote from Tucker Carlson:

Media Matters Deputy Rapid Response Director Andrew Lawrence just had to hear it for himself:

Can you believe that? Tucker Carlson’s just out there saying that QAnon isn’t even a thing! What a tool, right?

Great point, CNN’s Brian Stelter!

But enough about Oliver Darcy, Brian Stelter, and yourself, Andrew.

Well, to be fair, clowns like Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter have zero self-awareness. Still, though, just because they don’t realize they’re the ones being mocked doesn’t mean they don’t absolutely deserve to be mocked — and deserve to get called out for their flaming hackery.

Blake’s tweet is gone now. Maybe he, at least, has a modicum of shame.

Clearly Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter have none.

Out of their minds like foxes: