Great news, everyone! The Lincoln Project is getting serious about accountability and cutting out the cancer that’s been infecting it for so long.

We know this because Lincoln Project senior adviser Tara Setmayer made an important announcement today:

Who better to investigate John Weaver’s sexual predation than the very people who knew about it and looked the other way? Who better to investigate what happened to donors’ money than the people who used it for personal gain?

No self-awareness, either:

Apparently taking swipes at Ted Cruz for bad optics is one surefire way to right the ship and be part of the solution because … we’re drawing a blank.

Great question. Like, literally, what purpose do they serve at this point, other than trolling Republicans in the name of Principled Conservatism?

Did Ted Cruz screw up? You bet he did. But the Lincoln Project has absolutely zero claim to any moral high ground when it comes to hypocrisy, deception, and hanging people out to dry.

In case you missed it:

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

Days after the New York Times reported on Lincoln Project cofounder John Weaver’s history of inappropriate sexual behavior toward young men, his colleague Rick Wilson paid off a mortgage for his Florida home a full 16 years ahead of schedule.

Public records show that JPMorgan Chase Bank recently issued a certificate of satisfaction on Wilson’s 30-year mortgage, which originated in 2007 for the amount of $200,000. The document confirms that the terms of the mortgage were satisfied on Feb. 5, less than a week after the Times printed its story on Weaver and almost three weeks after the allegations were first published online by the American Conservative and Forensic News.

Seven years earlier, Wilson was hit with a $389,420 tax lien against the same Florida residence. As scandal began to engulf the Lincoln Project, Wilson apparently sought to put his finances in order before donors started to abandon the generously funded super PAC, which fellow cofounder Steve Schmidt had reportedly viewed as a ticket to “generational wealth.”

But we’re sure that Tara Setmayer et al. will sort this all out. The Lincoln Project still has a lot more pro-democracy work to do!

Not just thorough, but fulsome, too!