It’s becoming all too clear how shutting down schools in the name of stopping the spread of COVID19 will have done long-term damage to many students.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for the media to make excuses for the people responsible for putting those students in this position. Good thing they’re always up for it!

Lauren Peikoff, MSNBC executive producer for Stephanie Ruhle, tweeted this last night:

Have teachers not been prioritized for vaccines?

Because teachers’ unions have been absolutely awful during the COVID19 pandemic.

But NBC News political correspondent Ali Vitali is doing her damnedest to convince us that they’re the victims, even in the face of stone-cold reality:

Of course you think about that story, Ali. Because you’re a hack.

One could argue that it’s even stupider now.

Teachers’ unions aren’t victims; they’re the victimizers.

There are good teachers in this country. Hardworking, caring teachers who want to do their jobs.

Teachers’ unions have done them a great disservice — and failed the families they’re supposed to be dedicated to.



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