It should go without saying at this point that GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not someone Republicans should want speaking for the party. She’s a conspiracy theorist with a history of bigotry, including anti-Semitism.

That said, though, it should also go without saying that the liberals rejoicing over her getting booted from House committees aren’t seeing the big picture. And it should go without saying that CNN’s John Harwood is one of those liberals.

As many conservatives — including those who have denounced Greene — have pointed out, Democrats may have opened a Pandora’s Box. But Harwood thinks their concerns are effectively without merit:

Really? Marjorie Taylor Greene has no Democratic counterparts who have pushed conspiracy theories and espoused bigotry? No Democratic counterparts who have advocated for violence?

We know that Harwood is a glorified Democratic Party stenographer, but does he really think he can just say stuff like this and not get called out?

Laughable, and incredibly ignorant:


But count on self-righteous liberal blowhards like John Harwood to never learn from past mistakes.

When this inevitably blows up in Democrats’ faces, John Harwood can’t say we didn’t warn him first.