CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers informed John King’s viewers today that “you don’t have a First Amendment right to lie”:

If that comes as news to you, you’re not alone.

No, really. She’s great. Just check out her explanation after the Washington Examiner called her out:

Jennifer Rodgers gets paid to be a legal analyst, likely because she supposedly understands legal things. Like the Constitution. Like the First Amendment. Yet she makes a “misstatement” like that? We’re not paid CNN legal analysts, but we’re pretty sure even we wouldn’t make such a “misstatement.”

Oops! Her bad!

Happens to the best of us! But mainly to the worst.

Totally predictable.

Because this … is CNN.

Or a potato.

Why should they correct her? She supports the narrative they want to push, so they have no incentive to set the record straight.

And if they don’t, we should probably take action to reduce the reach of their harmful lies.