During a speech yesterday, Joe Biden made a grave mistake, and may very well have paid dearly for it had he not acted quickly to rectify it:


More from Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher:

“It’s not enough for me just to come up to you and say, ‘I like this. I expect you to support it’,” Biden said. “I want to explain to you why I think it’s so important in this package that we have to provide for money for additional vaccines, why I think it’s so important why we provide for money to extend unemployment benefits, why I think it’s so important that we provide money to provide for the ability of people not to be thrown out of their apartments during this pandemic because they can’t afford their rent, and to make the case to you why I think and what I think the priorities within this piece…”

Biden paused, said “that we think the priorities are,” then turned back toward VP Harris and said, “I apologize,” and continued, “were within this legislation.”

That small moment said volumes about the respect and affection with which Biden views his history-making veep, as well as of the view of the vice presidency-as-partnership that he and President Barack Obama developed over their two terms in office.

“Respect and affection”? That’s a funny way of saying “fear.”

Joe Biden is talking like a guy who knows his days are numbered.

Kamala Harris will not be disrespected.