Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib has been on quite a roll.

As we told you earlier, she slammed “racist” “apartheid state” Israel for leaving Palestinians like her grandmother to die by refusing them COVID19 vaccines, despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority refused Israel’s help.

Well, speaking of racist states, have you seen the state of our Legislative Branch? It’s racist AF. And you only need to look at Donald Trump to see it:

Now, to be fair, Tlaib does acknowledge that Trump was impeached twice. But she appears convinced that the only reason that he hasn’t been convicted by the Senate is that he’s a white male.

Which is actually still quite stupid. Barack Obama got away with quite a lot, as we recall, despite Joe Biden’s insistence that the Obama administration reigned for eight scandal-free years.

And Rashida Tlaib hasn’t been held to account by her own party for setting bigoted and anti-Semitic fires and then pouring on the gasoline.

We’d ask to see her work, but the insane scrawling of someone as unhinged as Rashida Tlaib would be way too difficult to read.

The pride of Michigan!