MSNBC’s Chris Hayes just wants to be clear here: he knew Donald Trump was bad news from the get-go.

He and his fellow firefighters warned us for years that something like this could happen, and we refused to listen to them:

Evidently Chris Hayes has forgotten what actually happened, how we actually got to this point.

True story:


Hayes knew exactly what was happening exactly when it was happening. He didn’t go on self-righteous Twitter tears about it.

And yet today, he’s trying to pin all the responsibility on the GOP, as if the media’s “seemingly coordinated” effort played no role. So Hayes is actually just making the media look even worse.

Chris is free to take a page from his MSNBC colleague Joe Scarborough‘s playbook and pretend the media didn’t help shovel coal into the Trump Train’s furnace, but we will never, ever, ever forget that they did.