Well, we certainly couldn’t’ve predicted this hot take from the Bulwark … could you?

Conserving Conservatism by arguing that limiting speech is ackshually a good thing:

We have seen the societal benefits of social media and we have seen the societal costs. It would be madness not to try to decrease the latter and increase the former.

Such attempts will be imperfect and ongoing. They will require some actions taken independently by private companies and some actions taken by government. There will be constant re-balancing.

But anyone who says that tech companies must simply throw their hands in the air and let the masses do what they will is either a salesman, a nihilist, or a fool.

And what does approach to speech this make the Bulwark?

It’s not a good look.

Why, right here on Twitter! And poorly. As usual.

And what happens when someone at Twitter or another social media platform decides that the Bulwark has expressed one too many bad opinions?

Guessing they won’t be so enthusiastic about deplatforming then.

If Donald Trump really wants to take a page from the fascist’s playbook, he should spend more time reading the Bulwark.

True story.