Since angry Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol last week, many on the Left and in the media have attempted to make it all about race.

So far, a main argument has been that Capitol Police never would have let Black Lives Matter protesters get away with something like this, despite the fact that Black Lives Matter protesters spent several months last year staging “mostly peaceful” protests that quickly degenerated into violence, looting, and even murder, and law enforcement didn’t really stop them.

But CNN’s John Harwood has a different race-based argument to make. According to him, last week’s events make it obvious that conservatives’ biggest beef with President Barack Obama was a racial one:

Twitchy was founded in early 2012, months before Barack Obama’s second term began. So we spent a lot of time taking issues with the Obama administration, as there were plenty of issues to take.

And we can’t recall a single one of them having anything to do with the color of Barack Obama’s skin. In fact, as we recall, Barack Obama made skin color an issue far more than conservatives did. Any criticism of his policies — including by minority conservatives — was immediately labeled as racist. Minority conservatives are still frequently branded race traitors by woke white lefties.

But apparently none of that matters. John Harwood is ostensibly a journalist, but his real job is to push a narrative. Even one that notably lacks strong supporting evidence.

But as long as there are people willing to believe it, it’s all worth it to Harwood:

Except pundits, journalists, and reporters have been saying this for years.

Were there racists at the Capitol? Yes. Is that proof that only racists had problems with Barack Obama? Not by a long shot. The sooner partisan pot-stirrers like John Harwood acknowledge that, the better off our racial discourse will be.



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