CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter said yesterday that the word “narcissist” wasn’t used enough by the media over the last four years:

His point, of course, was that Donald Trump is a narcissist.

But the expression “It takes one to know one” exists for a reason. And for our purposes here today, that reason is to point out that Brian Stelter is pretty damn narcissistic himself.

No matter what’s happening in the world, Brian can’t seem to resist the urge to make firefighters like himself the story:

Explains almost everything!

Here, let Brian explain:

It’s the key emoji that really drives Brian’s point home.

There must be quite a buildup of lint in there. Brian needed someplace to store all the news he couldn’t report on because he was too busy being upset about Trump refusing to play footsie with the media that played footsie with him before he was elected.

It definitely shouldn’t be warm and fuzzy.