Is there another politician who’s as adept as AOC at stepping on rakes? Because if there is, we’re having a hell of a time thinking of one.

As we told you, she thought it would be a good idea to shame “Republicans” for not knowing what it’s like to walk a mile in her double-shift waitress shoes:

Because obviously she’s worked harder than all of these “Republicans” combined.

Needless to say, AOC’s been getting owned for that one. But she can always get owned some more.

Let’s set the stage: AOC was less than pleased to learn that Project Veritas apparently received PPP money.

For what it’s worth, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio thought AOC should try channeling all her outrage into some productive energy:

And that only pissed AOC off even more:

Yeah, Sen. Rubio. What did you do?


AOC will get credit for dunking on him, of course, because her minions love her for it. But those who see through her see someone who’s just desperately trying to overcompensate for not living up to her own hype.