Tweeter @philllosoraptor recently shared that he, along with members of his family, have tested positive for COVID19.

Initially, it didn’t seem to be so bad:

But his mother’s health has rapidly deteriorated:

And now, his mother is dying:

Seeing firsthand the havoc that COVID19 has wreaked on his mother has led him to rethink some of his positions on how to deal with COVID19.

And apparently that’s hilarious to some:

Reveling in the impending death of a man’s beloved mother is always a great look.

It’s such a great look, in fact, that Bulwark senior editor Jim Swift is getting in on it, too:

Swift just can’t have enough fun with this:

Screenshotted for posterity (not that Swift possesses the shame required to realize that he should delete it):

Charming. Just the level of Principled Conservatism™ we’d expect from a Bulwark luminary.

Is it possible that Swift’s just retweeting one of his personal sockpuppet accounts to take cheap, nasty shots at conservatives? Well, for what it’s worth, that sure sounds like something a Bulwark troll would do.

And make no mistake: Jim Swift is a troll. A vicious one, at that.

That claim has not been disputed.