The Great Unifier is on a roll.

During the same “Breakfast Club” interview in which he shamed “evangelical Hispanics” who betrayed their own best interests by choosing their religion over their concern about racism and kids in cages, Barack Obama also lamented the Republican Party’s success in casting white males as “victims”:

More from The Hill:

“It turns out politics is not just about policy, it’s not just about numbers, it’s about the stories that are being told,” said Obama, who appeared on the show to promote his new book, “A Promised Land.”

“And the story that they’re hearing from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and, in some cases, inside their churches, is that Democrats don’t believe in Christmas, only care about minorities and Black folks and are trying to take your stuff and trying to take your guns away,” he continued.

“What’s always interesting to me is the degree to which you’ve seen created in Republican politics the sense that white males are victims,” Obama said. “They are the ones who are under attack – which obviously doesn’t jive with both history and data and economics. But that’s a sincere belief that’s been internalized, that’s a story that’s being told and how you unwind that is going to be not something that is done right away, it’s going to take some time.”

Listen for yourselves:

We didn’t focus on that portion of the interview initially, but it really does deserve its own moment in the spotlight.

Because it’s just such racebaiting garbage. Same as it ever was.

Does racism persist in this country? Yes. Is that a problem? Yes.

Is Barack Obama helping to solve that problem by using his considerable platform to push identity politics at every opportunity? Not just no, but hell no.