As Twitchy told you, the Lincoln Project showed off their impeccable Principled Conservative™ cred by encouraging their followers to harass and intimidate lawyers filing election suits on Donald Trump’s behalf. But they didn’t stop with the lawyers. They also told their minions to go after employees at firms where these lawyers work as well as other clients of these lawyers.


Twitter has since removed the Lincoln Project’s tweet about the two Pittsburgh attorneys, though the Lincoln Project’s other tweets encouraging harassment are still up as of this post’s publication (and the Lincoln Project is defending their despicable behavior).

And, as America’s Favorite Expert™ Tom Nichols sees it, that’s just fine. After all, the Lincoln Project is just “being mean” to the people whose lives they’re putting in jeopardy:

In case you were looking for one final reason never to listen to Tom Nichols on anything, there it is, on a silver platter.