Ideologically speaking, there’s not much for conservatives to like about Andrew Yang.

But the former Democratic presidential candidate seems like a decent enough guy who has some decent points to make.

And if Democrats were smart, they’d listen to him:

Considering the Democrats’ refusal to learn from their mistakes, Yang’s take is an especially good one.

But, well, because of Democrats’ refusal to learn from their mistakes, look for them to opt instead to keep digging their own graves.

Exactly. Democrats don’t seem to realize — or care to realize — that they’re on a path to repeat exactly the same mistakes that led to Donald Trump being nominated and elected four years ago.

Dems have a chance to fix things, but look for them instead to roll over and let people like AOC take charge of their messaging, ultimately hitting the accelerator on their train that’s already speeding toward the cliff’s edge. Radical progressives will be the Dems’ undoing:

This is what hubris looks like.

Democrats ignore him at their own peril. Not that we’re complaining.