NBC News wants to make sure you know that former President Barack Obama isn’t attacking Donald Trump because he wants to. He’s been left with no choice but to take the gloves off:

Lauren Egan writes:

For nearly four years, Obama refrained from attacking his successor, respecting a time-honored tradition even as President Donald Trump launched hundreds of Twitter attacks against him. He kept largely silent as Trump falsely claimed that Obama had spied on his campaign, baselessly accused him of treason, demanded that he be prosecuted and characterized him as the most corrupt president in history.

His relative public silence about Trump’s presidential performance drew criticism from some Democrats who had hoped to see him get off the sidelines during some of the most tumultuous years in recent American politics. While Obama campaigned for some Democrats during the 2018 midterm elections, his criticism of Trump was reserved, as he mostly avoided direct personal attacks against the president.

Last month, as the 44th president took to the trail to make his closing argument in behalf of his former vice president, the gloves came off. And in the campaign’s final days, the hits have come hard and fast.

Speaking of hard hits, Drew Holden’s got one for NBC News:

Well, whaddaya know? They did indeed:


You kind of have to laugh at this point. They’re just so ridiculous.

Yeah he does. And yet the media never learn.

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