Well, folks, it’s getting down to the wire now. Less than 24 hours to go until Election Day.

Time to deploy Maximum Boot:

His band of brothers and sisters!

The whole piece will just make you want to stand up and cheer for Boot and Co., but we can’t post it here in its entirety.

So we hope you will enjoy some extra-choice bits:

I mention this not to portray the Never Trumpers as victims, but to point out that they are not opportunists. Many have paid a substantial price for standing by their beliefs — and would have benefited far more if they had simply gone with the flow of the Republican Party. I, for one, never imagined that there would be any personal advantage in opposing Trump. I did so simply because it was the right thing to do — and damn the consequences. All the Never Trumpers I know feel exactly the same way.

The Lincoln Project and their ilk are definitely not opportunists. They didn’t oppose Trump for personal gain! Take Max’s word for it! They’ve paid such a substantial price for their beliefs that they’ve had to resort to going on MSNBC and CNN for paying gigs just so they can keep their heads above water.

Boot’s ode to Never Trump’s stunning bravery concludes:

Whatever the outcome after Tuesday, the Never Trump mission is not yet done. If Trump somehow manages to squeeze out a narrow electoral college victory — possibly by getting partisan judges to toss out mail-in ballots in swing states — then our democracy will be even more imperiled and the imperative to speak out even greater. But even if Trump is defeated — an outcome that is likely but by no means assured — the battle for the soul of the Republican Party will continue. Trump’s supporters are not going anywhere, and, if history is any indication, they may prove even more rabid in opposition than they have been in power. Trying to create a sane center-right party in America is the work of a generation. We are just getting started.

Win or lose, Never Trumpers can hold their heads high. We made our best case, wrote our most cogent columns, produced our most convincing commercials. I know that I left it all out on the field. We all did. The rest is up to the voters.

Well, America needs heroes right now. And who better to be our hero than Max Boot?

That must’ve been his favorite part. He really likes those lines! So much that he even tweeted them out again:

Take off your hat, Max Boot, and show us the shimmering halo underneath. You’re an angel here on earth, is what you are.

Wait, are you mocking Max? Don’t do that. He’s serious, you guys. He’s never been seriouser in his entire life.

To quote Donald Trump, SAD!


Good point. if Trump wins, then Max Boot et al.’s self-righteous bluster will have been for nothing.

And if Joe Biden wins, the Left will have no real use for Principled Conservatives™ like Max Boot anymore.

And in that way, America wins regardless of the presidential election outcome.