The New York Times is still trying to scrub the egg of their face after yesterday’s big “Anonymous” dud. With even lefties pissed at them, they’re gonna have to work extra-extra-hard to restore the public’s faith in their journalistic integrity.

Or, they can just try pulling exactly the sort of BS the New York Times would pull:

From Joe Pompeo in Vanity Fair:

As for the view from the Times’ Opinion department, someone who works there told me, “A number of people are grumpy about it, but it’s weird because the person who made the decisions isn’t running the place anymore. I think the biggest concern is that it has the potential to become ammunition for people who want to undermine anonymous sourcing at the New York Times writ large.”

First of all:

C’mon, New York Times. Have you seriously learned nothing?

But even more importantly, after all that’s happened, the New York Times’ “biggest concern” going forward is that people might use it as “ammunition” to undermine the Times’ credibility?

As we’ve seen, the New York Times is more than capable of doing that on their own.

Speaking of which:

We’re just dying to find out.