New York Governor and all-around garbage person Andrew Cuomo was the guest of honor on today’s edition of “The View,” where he took the opportunity to blame Donald Trump and the Trump administration “for every [COVID19] death in this country.”

Now, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past several months, you’re probably asking yourself where Cuomo gets off dodging any personal culpability in the spread of COVID19 and deaths that have resulted from it.

And if you’re Sunny Hostin, you think that Andrew Cuomo is the answer to America’s prayers:

Sure, Sunny. If by “manage,” you mean “exacerbate.”

Andrew Cuomo is engaged in some world-class gaslighting here and “The View” is only too eager to enable him.

It’s enough to make any decent person sick. And that’s exactly what it’s doing to Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean:

Kudos to Dean for remaining polite and classy; we wouldn’t be able to do the same if our in-laws had effectively been sentenced to death by Andrew Cuomo.

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