As Twitchy told you, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad went on quite an interesting rant this morning following the deadly attack in a church in Nice, France.

This tweet in particular is getting a lot of attention.

That seems problematic, no?

But evidently it’s not. At least not to the gatekeepers on such matters.

The New York Post is still locked out of their Twitter account, ostensibly for violating the TOS.

And here’s Dr. Mohamad justifying the potential massacre of millions of innocent people to his 1.3 million followers and he doesn’t get so much as a finger wag from Twitter.

You know, guys, we’re starting to wonder if Twitter’s explanation for silencing the NY Post was just a bunch of BS.

Clearly the NY Post is the worse offender here. At least in Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s eyes.

We don’t know how else to interpret the fact that Dr. Mohamad’s tweet is still up.

Hear that, NY Post? Give calling for mass murder a try and see if that gets you back into Twitter’s good graces.



To their credit, Twitter eventually took swift, decisive action regarding the tweet about Muslims being justified in murdering thousands of French people:

Oh. OK, well … at least they got around to taking down the tweet after it had been up for several hours and everyone had seen it:

Great work, Twitter! As usual.

Eh, just give them a few more hours to consider possibly maybe deciding that that tweet also violates their TOS. They’re awfully busy these days.

Meanwhile, we guess this means they still don’t feel the need to restore the NY Post’s account access. Everybody wins!

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