Go put on your SQUEE! face, because you’re gonna be squeeing like crazy over the December issue of Vanity Fair:

Suffragist white! Her next four years! We’ve all been on the edges of our seats waiting for someone to finally ask AOC for her thoughts on everything.

Thank you, Vanity Fair. Why won’t Republicans and conservatives leave her alone?

“Revolting”? That sounds like something you’d say about a bogeyman.

And make no mistake, AOC is Republicans’ favorite “boogeyman” [sic] right now:

Amy Coney Barrett could not be reached for comment.

But back to the idea that AOC is a bogeyman because she’s a woman (so cis-normative, AOC and Neera!). We’re gonna need AOC to show her work, because we’re not following her logic here.

Last time we checked, Republicans were a lot more focused on people not named AOC.

Yep. But maybe this is just how AOC processes being out of the limelight. She has to tell herself — and try to convince everyone else — that the Right is obsessed with her.

Because if she’s not the center of attention, then what’s the point of any of this?