If there’s not already an entry in the DSM-5 for Trump Derangement Syndrome, there really needs to be one in the DSM-6. Because it has absolutely wreaked havoc on people’s brains.

People like Max Boot, who at one time was widely regarded by conservatives as a reasonable, thoughtful guy. He hasn’t been thoughtful or reasonable for quite some time now.

But instead of seeking the help he so desperately needs, he’s opted instead to lean into that derangement with every fiber of his being:

When your hatred for Donald Trump runs so deep that you’re actively and enthusiastically rooting for Communist China.

Just imagine the level of intellectual dishonesty required for Max Boot to hold the Chinese government up as an example of doing it right.

Apparently the irreparable damage to their reputation makes licking China’s boots totally worth it to Max Boot and the Washington Post. They own this — and they can have it.