Yesterday, Donald Trump posted a video message on his Twitter account:

And that go some people to thinking — about how they could undermine it.

They frequently like to cite The Science™ when they want to push back against something he says, and they could’ve opted to go that route in this case with his comments about a COVID19 cure.

But they didn’t go that route. They went this one instead:

Gotta be a green screen, you guys.


Well anyway, you’ll no doubt be shocked to learn that Donald Trump was apparently not, in fact, standing in front of a green screen:

The New York Times must’ve been pretty shocked, too. So shocked that they forgot to add an editor’s note or correction when they deleted speculation about the “digital backdrop” from Maggie Haberman and Katie Thomas’ story:

How do you like that? So uncharacteristic of the New York Times, what with all their journalistic integrity.

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