Are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in favor of court packing?

That seems like a really good and important question, particularly considering their joint reluctance to answer it directly.

But according to the Washington Post, it’s pouncing Republicans who have a problem with Biden and Harris’ repeated dodges:

Want to see a ratio? Here you go:

Imagine being the jackass who decided to give the green light to that trash.

We can’t say this sort of thing isn’t predictable, but we also can’t help but be kind of impressed at WaPo’s ability to keep coming up with new ways to hold Republicans and conservatives accountable for Democrats’ shortcomings and intellectual dishonesty.

But narrative.

Doesn’t matter. Expecting presidential and vice presidential candidates to answer a question regarding a policy that could have very long-term ramifications for this country is apparently too much for the Washington Post. After all, they’ve got a job to do.

So. Weird.