Kamala Harris may have done a characteristically lousy job at the vice presidential debate, but did you know that she smirked? The Washington Post definitely noticed and couldn’t resist the urge to publish an ode to her fierceness:

Michelle L. Norris writes:

People who are telling Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala D. Harris to stop smiling or “smirking” or making allegedly exaggerated facial expressions should save their breath. The California senator is not going to stop — nor should she.

Why would she relinquish one of her innate superpowers?

A smiling woman stands her ground and shoots a forceful look that requires a man to follow the rules. She only seems monstrous if progress is what you really find scary.

This “Yaaaas Kween”-ing over a smirk is obnoxious enough on its face. But as Comfortably Smug points out, it’s also pretty hypocritical on the Washington Post’s part:

We’re old enough when a smirk was a good enough reason for the Washington Post to slime a kid who didn’t deserve it.

But Kamala Harris smirks in order to avoid accountability and reveal how out of her depth she is, and we’re all supposed to stand up and cheer.

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