It seems safe to say Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth will not be voting to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS.

But unlike so many of her colleagues, Tammy Duckworth has a totally legitimate reason to be concerned:


Where’s Jack Dorsey when you need him?

This is straight-up deranged.

What Duckworth’s saying doesn’t have to make sense; it just needs to be enough to convince voters that Amy Coney Barrett is basically a Catholic cultist who thinks babies conceived through IVF never should have been born.

Well, when you’re a Democrat, you think the Supreme Court is supposed to legislate from the bench. So if Duckworth herself doesn’t think Amy Coney Barrett would outlaw IVF, she’s counting on her followers to think so.

Of course it’s not what she wants. Duckworth’s not interested in intellectually honest conversation. She’s just there to stir the pot.

Maybe Tammy Duckworth should look within her own soul. But she should be prepared; she might not like what she sees.

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