It’s been a while since we checked in on Pete Buttigieg. Probably because nobody really cares about him anymore.

But he cares about us. Deeply. And he has something for Americans to think about as they make their voting decisions.

You’ll no doubt be shocked to discover that he’s channeling his fellow Democratic extortionists:

America is indeed exhausted. By Democrats like Pete Buttigieg who have opted to blame Donald Trump for the months of left-wing violence instead of holding the perpetrators of said violence accountable.

We’re unfortunately definitely used to tantrums, and even rioting, when the Left doesn’t get its way. But one thing we’ll never get used to is the left-wing tactic of what effectively amounts to threatening more chaos in the name of restoring order.

Anyone else getting tired of this game?

The Left owns the “chaos.” Why would we reward them with our votes?