Looks like former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has some thoughts on replacing the late SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:


With Senate Republicans eyeing confirmation of another justice to the high court as soon as next month, outside groups are crying out to Democrats in hopes the nomination can be stalled by upending the very procedures that allow the Senate to operate on a daily basis.

“I can tell you Sen. Reid favors these sorts of tactics in this case, and he has made himself clear to some of his former colleagues,” Adam Jentleson, Reid’s former deputy chief of staff, told dozens of activists on a Zoom call on Thursday.

Reid, a Nevada Democrat who retired in 2017, through a spokesperson declined to comment on Thursday. But in the hours after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Reid had emphasized his preferred path ahead if Republicans attempted to “force yet another nominee to the Supreme Court against the will of the American people.”

Harry Reid is suffering from an acute case of buyer’s remorse. Now that he’s “made himself clear to some of his former colleagues,” we’re sure GOP senators will seriously consider what he has to say.

You hate to see it.

It had to be done, Harry. You said so yourself.