Donald Trump needs to slow his roll when it comes to labeling many purported peaceful protesters as domestic terrorists. Because that characterization couldn’t be further from the truth!

Intrepid PBS NewsHour journalist Yamiche Alcindor has taken it upon herself to prove Trump wrong once and for all:

Forget all that footage you’ve seen of Molotov cocktails and fires and looting and property destruction and beatings and shootings. Yamiche found some people who just want to make the world a better place:

Oh. Well, in that case, Donald Trump should apologize immediately. And probably resign, just to be safe.

Yamiche Alcindor’s gotten very good at being Yamiche Alcindor, that’s true.

When it comes to being credible and trustworthy, though, she could use some work.

Not an honest one, anyway.

Not quite … the fine people are all on the same side: the protesters’ side.

With Real Journalists™ like Yamiche Alcindor doing the reporting, it really is a mystery why so many Americans despise the media so much.



PBS journo Yamiche Alcindor defends 1619 Project and ‘national treasure’ Nikole Hannah-Jones from Donald Trump’s ‘attack’