Judd Legum founded and wrote for ThinkProgress, but he’s since moved on to bigger and better things. Like his newsletter Popular Information.

Apparently popularity, rather than accuracy, is the chief concern for Judd when he’s looking for “information” to share. Because while takes like Judd’s here are quite popular in lefty circles, they’re also flat-out wrong:

You can read the whole thing if you so choose, but this bit pretty much sums it up:

But beyond the hypocrisy, the Senate’s decision is heartless. Millions of Americans desperately need help. But the Senate is choosing to ignore the ongoing pandemic to pursue a narrow ideological agenda.

But enough about Senate Democrats, Judd.

Unaware, or just willfully ignorant? Either way, Judd Legum looks like an ass.

Why, Judd?

He can’t stop lying. It’s all he knows how to do now.