Joe Rogan is quite the thorn in the Woke Left’s side.

Though he’s stated on plenty of occasions that he’s a liberal (recall that he supported Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign), he’s not the kind of liberal who believes in self-censorship and protecting people from hurt feelings.

So obviously Media Matters wants to censor him.

Alex Paterson, “LGBTQ researcher at MMFA,” points to one of Rogan’s most egregious recent offenses:

OK, Alex, but the thing about lies is that they’re not lies if they’re actually true. The “dangerous claim” hasn’t so much “been completely debunked” as it’s been supported by reality.

Just because the truth is inconvenient doesn’t make it less true.

That last tweet right there is actually quite revealing. Twerps like Paterson want Joe Rogan to be canceled for the sin of wrongthink. And last time we checked, it’s not a crime to disagree with woke dogma.

But if Paterson et al. want to come after Rogan for this, who are we to stand in their way?