The media may have run out of shame a while ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still come up with new ways to embarrass themselves.

For every foaming-at-the-mouth piece reacting to Donald Trump behaving like Donald Trump, there’s at least one puff piece about a Dem politician.

Kamala Harris is the subject of a lot of puff pieces lately. Including this one from Washington Post national reporter Chelsea Janes:

OMG, you guys! Squee! Yaaaas Kween Kamala!

Janes’ take was so popular that she actually had to prevent fans from replying:

Too bad. We would’ve loved to have seen all the mad love for Kamala and her Chucks.

As it turns out, that’s probably it:

No, what’s clear is how much worshiping Kamala Harris matters to Chelsea Janes.

And trying to pass this stuff off as journalism won’t make Chelsea Janes or the Washington Post cool.

It’s almost as if the media don’t want to actually delve into Kamala Harris’ actual positions or character and just focus on superficial crap.


That list just keeps growing and growing.

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