By now, you’ve probably noticed that the new lefty blue-check hotness is going out in the daytime to still-nice parts of cities that are otherwise being ravaged at night, taking a photo, and using that photo to prove that BLM/Antifa rioting is just a right-wing fantasy.

Seriously, it’s becoming a thing now. So much so that there seems to be a competition among privileged liberals to outshine each other in the “tone-deaf jackass” department.

Privileged liberals like writer and satirist Gary Shteyngart, who apparently had no issues getting his hands on a fruity drink in New York City:

Wow, Gary. You sure showed us!

What a little twerp you are, that is.

And he’s a satirist, no less!

Oh, without a doubt.

What a swell guy.

And it’s only just getting started.



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